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Boss Energy is proud to be a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer here in Charleston. Our team has sold and installed more powerwalls than any other south carolina based solar company. Our experience and expertise in battery backup design and installation set us apart from the competition. If you own a home in Charleston and either have an existing solar system or are considering investing in a solar system, you owe it to yourself to discover what a Tesla Powerwall System can do for you. 

Tesla Powerwall – A Flexible Application

The simplest way to explain the functionality of the Tesla Powerwall is as a battery storage system specially designed to work with solar power collection. However, the flexible usage options of the Powerwall make it much more than that.

tesla powerwall charleston sc

Maximize Your Solar Power with Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall is the ideal companion for your solar panel or Tesla Solar Roof installation. This revolutionary battery system seamlessly collects and stores the solar energy generated by your roof during the day, either saving or delivering it according to your specifications to ensure that your home enjoys the highest possible level of benefit. Solar power is quickly becoming the best way to provide your home with off-grid and backup electricity, and the Tesla Powerwall is an incredibly powerful tool in the solar revolution.

We are Tesla Powerwall Certified  installers

As Certified Tesla Powerwall Installers our teams have taken the required courses and training to successfully install a Tesla Powerwall System. As South Carolina’s #1 Powerwall dealer you can rely on Boss Energy to provide you with a professionally installed Powerwall System that will be there when you need it most. 

Why Powerwalls?

If you currently have a solar system or are in the market for a new solar system in the Lowcountry we highly recommend taking a look at the Tesla Powerwall to go along with your solar system. The Tesla Powerwall is an all in one battery storage solution that can provide you with power security when you need it most. Best of all, there are no moving parts or motors so when the utility fails you can rest assure that your Powerwalls won’t. Let’s take a look at a Tesla Powerwall vs a Gas Generator:


  • Annual Maintenance Costs
  • Noisy
  • Increasing Fuel Costs
  • Not Tax Credit Eligible
  • Motor Reliability
  • Clunky

Battery Backup

  • Zero Annual Maintenance Costs
  • Extremely Quite
  • Fueled by the Sun
  • Tax Credit Eligible
  • Extremely Reliable
  • App Based Control

Tesla Powerwall Benefits

Save Energy for Power Outages

By storing the energy from your solar panels or Tesla Roof, you can be ready when the next hurricane, ice storm, or other weather event impacts the electricity infrastructure in your neighborhood. The Tesla Powerwall seamlessly and automatically provides backup power to your home during grid outages.

Convert Solar Power Instantly

The Powerwall converts solar generated DC power to AC power on the spot, sending it to your home for use by appliances. By using solar energy to power your home as it is generated, you can minimize the energy you use (and pay for) from your local utility.

Scheduled Hourly Power Use

If your local electricity provider employs time-of-use rates, you can avoid high energy bills by restricting your on-grid time to low demand times, switching to your Tesla Powerwall during the higher demand hours. Once calibrated, the Powerwall executes this switch automatically and without interruption to your home’s power. Of course, you always have direct control over your power usage as well through the Tesla Power App.

Savings and Confidence

Installing a Tesla Powerwall in combination with your Tesla Solar Roof or traditional roof-mounted solar panels gives you both energy savings and confidence that your home will not be left without power during a grid outage. There are a number of exciting tax incentives and other government programs available that make it more affordable than ever before to add this energy storage system to your home–just ask us and we’ll be more than happy to explain the most important current programs for Charleston, SC area residents.

Expert Installation of Tesla Powerwall

Boss Energy brings to your home the expertise you need when adding solar power. We’ll help you through the entire process, from selecting the right solar panels to deciding how many Tesla Powerwall units you need to showing you how to use the Tesla Power App to manage your home’s solar energy use.

Powerwall Warranty 

Save Energy for Power Outages

The Tesla Powerwall is warrantied for a period of 10 years. 

Convert Solar Power Instantly

Warranty covers the battery for an unlimited amount of times from zero to 100%. So you can feel confident to push your battery to the maximum without worrying about the integrity of the unit. 

Scheduled Hourly Power Use

Tesla states that at the end of the unlimited cycle 10 year period, your units will have ATLEAST 70% of the storage capacity remaining. 

Client Testimonials

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Boss Energy hung 3 pendant lights in my kitchen. This was a difficult job due to the location and limited space above the sheetrock ceiling. The work was performed with foresight and prudence avoiding the easy route that would have torn up the sheetrock ceiling. They showed up on time and completed the work in a timely manner. The technicians were polite and cleaned up after themselves including protecting everything in the kitchen. I was very pleased with outcome and would highly recommend this company. I intend on using them in the future.

G. Shahid

This company is amazing. They had great communication, always showed up exactly on time, and walked us through this entire process. We are so happy we used Boss Energy!!


We had very high voltage in our sockets. Boss Energy freed up their most experienced electrician almost immediately Very professional service; we are very pleased.

B. Capshaw

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